Using the Camera


Using the camera is a simple process and can be performed at any stage before, during or after your ride. To change camera settings such as the quality of pictures and videos, see the procedure, here.



1. To activate your camera at any time, double tap on the touchpad.


You will know that the camera is active when the framing area appears in your field of view.


2. To take a picture – swipe forward.


3. To record a video – swipe backward.

  • The video camera will record for 60 seconds.
    • You can now record up to 90 seconds by swiping forward while recording once 30 seconds or less remains
  • If you wish to stop recording before the 60 seconds are up, swipe backward again.


4. To exit the camera, swipe down

  • Swiping down while a video is recording will end your recording. 


5. You can also use the camera at any time by using voice commands. To activate the voice commands, simply say: “Go Everysight.’

  • Once active, either say "Take Picture" or "Record Video" in order to take a picture or record a video.
  • If you wish to stop recording a video, you will need to swipe backward on the touchpad.
6. To wirelessly transfer you pictures and videos from Raptor to your smartphone, follow this procedure.