Media Downloading and Sharing


After Your Ride

After your ride, you can download media (photos and video) from your Raptor and save or share them. You can also simply power down your Raptor, and download your media at a later time.


Downloading Media

During your ride you may have taken some photos or recorded some video. Before you power down your Raptor, you can download that media to the Everysight app on your phone.

1. In the Everysight app on your phone, tap Media


2. The Media screen will show you how many media items there are on your Raptor. You can choose to either import the photos/videos from Raptor, or import and delete photos/videos from Raptor at the same time, which will free up memory on Raptor.



2.1. If you only import the pictures and choose not to delete them at this point, you can always connect your Raptor smartglasses via USB cable to move, transfer or delete files at a later time.

2.2.    Media files can also be deleted later from the Manage button in the dashboard section of the app.


3. To transfer media, Raptor becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot.

3.1. For iPhone users:

3.1.1. You will be instructed to connect your phone to your Raptor as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

3.1.2. The Everysight app places the Wi-Fi password in the clipboard so that you can paste it in the Wi-Fi screen.

3.1.3.Tap Wi-Fi Settings to see your phone’s Wi-Fi Settings screen.

3.1.4. Connect to the device that begins with EVS and paste the password when requested.

3.1.5. Once your phone successfully connects to the hotspot, return to the Everysight app to complete the download.

3.2. For Android users:

3.2.1. You will be connected automatically to the hotspot created by your Raptor smartglasses and the download will begin.

  • 4. Once the media files are saved to the Everysight app, you can save them to your phone’s storage (on Android, saving to the gallery is automatic), and share them easily with apps or social media sites by simply selecting the pictures or videos you wish to share and selecting Share.


Note: Media that was once downloaded and then deleted from the app (but is still stored on your Raptor smartglasses) will not be downloaded again as new files. They can only be accessed via USB connection.