Pairing your Raptor with your iPhone


You must follow these steps to pair your Raptor with your iPhone using Bluetooth.  The app's initial setup wizard will guide you through the pairing process. Please allow all permissions for the optimal Raptor experience. Make sure you have your usual bike helmet on hand, as you will need it to ensure the best possible fit.

You can download and install the free app from the App Store (iOS).



1. Your Raptor smartglasses will display an image indicating that you need to open the Everysight app on your iPhone. Your Raptor's identification number will be shown in the BEAMtm display (Everysight_XXX).


2. Open the Everysight app. If this is the first time you have opened the app, you will need to log into your account or create a new one. The initial setup wizard will start once you have logged in. 


3. The app will automatically search for your Raptor and display a list of available, unpaired Raptors in the vicinity. In this example, we see Everysight_700.

4. If there is more than one Raptor device present, make sure you choose the device with the identification number shown in your Raptor's BEAMtm display.

5. Select your Raptor to start the pairing process.

6. When prompted, tap Pair to connect your Raptor device to the app, and complete pairing.

7. Next, the Everysight app will request permission for phone notifications and location (Raptor can display any notification from your iPhone, like messages, emails, meeting alerts, etc.). Once you click ‘Setup’, simply follow the instructions on the app.

Tip: If you prefer to do this later, you can always change this feature by accessing the Settings menu in the Everysight app and selecting ‘Phone Notifications'.




8. Raptor's innovative BEAMtm technology display needs to be adjusted to your unique eye position. The following two steps will ensure you enjoy a clear, customized display while using your Raptor smartglasses.

Please Note: Adjustments may be needed if Raptor's display is moved (due to using a different helmet, movement of the nosepiece, etc.).

8.1. Adjusting Raptor's nosepiece. To ensure a proper fit, please put your helmet on. The goal of this step is to adjust Raptor for your comfort. Make sure that the nosepiece is comfortable and that Raptor feels securely in place, resting flush against your forehead.


Your helmet might affect Raptor's position on your face and thereby affect the display's location. For this reason, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE WEARING YOUR HELMET for the next step, with the straps sitting underneath your Raptor smartglasses.

The nosepiece is designed to be adjusted; you can open, close or tilt the nosepiece forward or back for optimal comfort and stability, so that Raptor doesn't move while you're riding. 


8.2. Adjusting the digital display using the app.
The goal of this step is to achieve a clear, complete view of the Raptor display within the center of your field of vision.

To ensure the best view of the display, go to a bright, well-lit area and look at least 18 ft. into the distance. The display position may not seem centered if you attempt to adjust the display while looking at a nearby object.


Use the directional arrows in the app to move Raptor's display up, down, left or right. Position the display so that you can see it comfortably at the center of your field of vision.


If you can't fit the complete display into your field of vision, zoom in or out by using the + or - symbols. The optimal zoom is between no lower than 90%.

Tip: If the display won't move further in a certain direction, try zooming out and then continuing to adjust the placement of the display.


  • If, after adjusting the digital display using the app, you still feel you are having trouble seeing a clear and complete display, repeat steps #7.1 and #7.2 until the display is clear and comfortable for you. Remember that adjusting your nosepiece will affect your display position.