Voice Commands


Raptor has a number of functions that can be controlled with voice commands!

The voice commands list is always being updated.

To activate voice commands, just say the phrase:


"Go Everysight!"

Action    Command
To take a picture    "Take Picture"
To record a video    "Record Video"
To adjust the brightness of the display    "Brightness Up" or "Brightness Down"
To adjust the speaker volume    "Volume Up" or "Volume Down"
To lock/unlock the touchpad    "Touch Lock" or "Touch Unlock"
To open the ride menu    "Go Ride"
Dim the BEAM(TM) Display

   "Screen Off"

Access Settings    "Show Settings"
View Last Message    "Last Message"
Open Music Player    "Open Music"
Stop Recording Video    "Stop Video"
Extend recording time (Up to 1.5 Minutes)

   "Extend Video" (This only works when only

   30 seconds remain on the recording)

Go to settings menu    "Show Settings"
Play Music    "Play Music"
See last message received    "Last Message"
Start a new lap    "Ride Lap"


Please Note: Voice commands are not available while music is playing