Clean and Maintain your Raptor


You can clean your Raptor’s lens with a cotton or microfiber cloth. If you more thorough cleaning is required, these steps will describe how to remove the visor.

WARNING: Do not, under ANY circumstances, wash your Raptor smartglasses with soap and water. This will cause permanent damage and void the warranty.

  • Remove the Visor by pulling the corner down and away from the frame.


  • Wash the visor with lukewarm water and dry it with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Continue to wipe with a clean, dry cloth until the visor is cleaned to your satisfaction.
    • Be careful that you do NOT get the frame wet as this may void your warranty.
  • You can wipe the Optical Module and Camera with a soft dry cotton or microfiber cloth.
  • The frame itself can be wiped with a wet wipe that is bleach and alchohol free, something not too abrasive.
  • Clipping the lens back into the front of your Raptor: Align the teeth of the visor correctly, press on the both of the bottom edges of the visor until you hear it click.


  • Make sure the visor sits well and is flush with the inside of the frame, otherwise it may come loose when you are in motion.