Music On your Raptor


The fact that Raptor has its own speaker embedded right into the frames means that you can take your playlists on the road with you anywhere! No need to take headphones or be distracted from the sounds around you. Now you can both listen to music and keep your ears free while riding.

Connect Raptor to your computer in order to load music onto Raptor. Then simply drag and drop the MP3 files or the entire desired album to the music folder of Raptor. For Apple/Mac computers, you will need the Android File Transfer Program for your computer to recognize Raptor. This can be found for free, here: Android File Transfer Download

File types must be an MP3 format. (Other files that are accepted: amrnb, amrwb, flac, g711)



Once your music is loaded onto Raptor, just swipe to the music icon on your Raptor and tap to select. Once inside the menu, you can just tap again to play, swipe forward to skip to the next song, swipe back to go to the previous song, or swipe up to shuffle. Swiping down exits the music player but allows the music to keep playing. If you go back into a ride and want to adjust the music, just long press on the touchpad for the quick apps menu, swipe to music and tap to select.