Navigation Ride




  • Navigation with Raptor means you can easily see the next corner or junction and keep on your route without any need to slow down or take your eyes away from the road or trail.
  • Feel confident to explore new rides and know exactly what lies ahead!
  • Uploading new routes is either with a .gpx or .tcx file from any source. 
  • Routes that are uploaded on the Website are automatically uploaded to the app to make it simple to load them onto your Raptor.
  • Have a particular ride that you greatly enjoyed!?
    • The ‘convert route’ option, allows you to re-ride some of your favorite journeys or easily share a specific route with your friends.
  • The Navigation arc indicates the direction to continue on the route, and the distance to the next waypoint.


  • Swiping back shows a map with your route overlaid in green.
    • You can also zoom the map in and out by a tap and then swipe forward or back, swiping down to close the menu.
    • You can also see the elevation profile by performing another swipe backward.


  • Using the Navigation feature is incredibly intuitive and simple! For more detailed instructions and going to ride, start here.