Just Ride

  • Just Ride mode is ideal for your everyday rides, so we call it "Just Ride"! 
  • In this mode, all your metrics are displayed in front of your eyes. You never need to look down in order to see at your bike computer. Ride data, maps, lap times, even incoming notifications; it's all there, in front of your eyes. 
  • You don’t  need to have your phone on you to ride with Raptor, but if you want to receive notifications, simply open the Everysight app on your smartphone and make sure Raptor is connected. How easy it is to just ride?
  • While riding, swipe forward to change data screens, swipe back to toggle the map on and off, and tap for the lap and zoom menu.
  • You can set up to 6 different screens, each displaying up to 5 data fields. You can also choose between upper and lower layouts to display the data where you like it best.
    • The screen settings can be found, here.
  • Most important – ride safely and keep your eyes on the road, glance quickly at the display to get the data you need and go back to the road.
  • Be sure to adjust brightness to suit your riding conditions so the display is easy to see but not too bright.
  • Remember that you can turn the display off with a short click on the power button.
  • Now you can Just Ride! Don't forget to use the Workout and Navigation ride modes as well… the experience is game changing!