Workout Ride

  • When connected to your sensors, Raptor helps you track your data and monitor your performance, including your heart rate, speed, cadence and power, without distracting you or requiring you to take your eyes off the road. using workout mode unleashes a whole new level of efficiency!
  • Raptor uses a unique "Smart Arc", which is a color-coded visual display that allows you to easily tell whether you’re riding within your target zone.
  • We recommend setting up a training screen with your desired target type—heart rate, power, or speed—as the main central value in the screen, so it will work best with the Smart Arc.
  • While riding in a workout, You’ll hear an audio notification when you’re about to end an interval, and as you start a step you’ll hear a description of the step’s duration and target intensity.
  • View the training progress graph and see your upcoming steps by swiping back.
  • During a workout, laps will automatically record as you change between steps. If you perform a manual lap, the workout will jump to the next step.
  • If you decide that the workout is too hard or too easy for you, you can adapt your workout intensity as you go along.
    • Make sure to stop in a safe place, then swipe down to open the ride menu, select “intensity” and adjust as required. This will affect all upcoming steps in the workout. 
    • The arc tolerance can also be adjusted, making the "green" area bigger or smaller.
  • Remember to be aware of your surroundings when training. The Smart Arc is color-coded so you can tell if you’re in your sweet spot without taking your attention from the road.
  • Working out with Everysight Raptor is more efficient and accurate, helping you to reach new heights. Just like a personal trainer that is coaching you to achieve your goals, Everysight Raptor is your perfect companion for all of your workouts. Read all about the workout ride, here.