How to Operate Raptor



Becoming Familiar with Raptor Navigation Gestures

One of the main ways of operating the Raptor is via the Touchpad that is embedded into the right Temple arm.

The Touchpad responds to swiping and tapping gestures in the same way a Touchpad on a laptop does. Using these gestures, you can navigate around the Raptor interface, and perform actions like taking a picture or recording a video.

Tip: Using concise gesture movements will help you to easily learn to control and operate Raptor.


Swipe forwards or backwards

Used to rotate the carousel. Use one finger in a long continuous swipe motion. Simply release your finger on the touchpad after any gesture.


Swipe up

When in the Sensors and Devices menu, this action will allow you to unconfigure a previously paired sensor or device.


Tap to select an item

The item that will be selected is always the one that is centered and includes its label.


Long Tap

on any screen to show the list of running apps and have access to Adjustments screen where you can adjust brightness and volume.


Swipe down

Swiping down enables you to go back one screen. This is also used to pause or end your current ride.


Double Tap

on any screen to activate your camera in order to record a video or take a picture. See Using and Configuring the Raptor’s Camera chapter for more details