Setup Ride




  • Be sure to download the Everysight App for your iOS or Android device to setup your Raptor and to be able to make adjustments during this ride.
  • We hope that you will do this first ride alone and in a safe environment to minimize distractions and maximize your comfort with Raptor
  • This ride should take no longer than 10 minutes
  • You can also adjust controls like brightness and volume with voice commands. Just say “go Everysight – brightness up” or “go Everysight – brightness down”
  • If your display is positioned exactly where you wanted it, you may want to make an adjustment
    • The goal is for the display to appear directly in the center of your line of sight
  • This setup ride is designed for you to stop and adjust your display a few times to accommodate your riding position and your individual facial structure
  • Remember that Raptor’s nosepiece is highly adjustable. It can be moved forward or back and side to side and that the digital display can also be placed to match anyone’s comfort. This process may take some time to find your perfect setting