Interchangeable Visor


You can use your Raptor during the day or night by simply switching between a dark-tint visor and a clear, light-tint visor that is perfect for any post-dusk ride.

1.  Pull on a corner of the visor to remove it from the frame.




2. To install the clear visor, place it back into the front of your Raptor.

2.1. After aligning the teeth of the visor with the sides of the bridge, begin to press it into place.

2.2. Start by applying pressure to one side. Once it is aligned, apply pressure to the opposite side.

2.3. You will hear the 2 clicks of the visor when it is successfully in place.



3. Make sure the visor sits well and is flush with the inside of the frame, otherwise it may come loose while you are in motion.