Annotation Tool


(This tool is currently in Beta)

Videos that are shot in HD do not automatically overlay the ride metrics. In order to reapply the metrics to your ride, simply use our free annotation tool. 

Note for Apple users: Before you attempt to transfer the map files from your Apple Computer to your Raptor, you must first install a free app called Android File Transfer.

This lightweight app lets you transfer files to your Raptor (which runs on the Android mobile operating system).  You can find the Android File Transfer app here: 

To begin, download the Annotation tool from

Extract the contents of the ZIP File. (a file called "AnnotationToolApp.jar"), This is the actual executable tool (Java is required and can also be downloaded from the website if needed). You can place the tool file anywhere on your computer and open the Zip File using Java.

When the tool is opened, it displays two regions side by side. The left region is for the ride data file, which is the zip file located in the Rides folder on Raptor. The right region is for the matching ride videos to be annotated with the respective ride data, found in the Videos folder on your Raptor (one or more video files or a folder of videos are expected). Do not change the name of the files before loading them into the Annotation tool!!

Copy the files onto your computer and then into the annotation tool, moving the content into the respective regions. The ride data region displays a summary of the ride information, while the videos region displays thumbnails of the videos.

An optional checkmark allows you to opt for stabilization of the videos while annotating them.

After pressing the "Create" button, the information for the annotation layer is extracted from the included ride data file and combined with the respective videos based on the timeline.

The process of annotating the videos and optionally stabilizing the videos takes some time (be patient) and when finished, the result is saved on the selected destination (the default destination may be changed prior to pressing the "Create" button).