Metrics & Sensors



    • Are there customizable data screens?

    • Absolutely! Through the Everysight App or the website, you can customize up to 5 fields on 6 different screens. Displaying the information that is most important for you while riding.

    • What are all the different parameters that you can see with Raptor?

    • On its own, Raptor can display your speed, distance, elevation, and time data. If you are connected to ANT+ or BLE sensors, you will be able to see the metrics from those sensors. See more about pairing sensors, here.

    • Does this use the Imperial system of measurements or the Metric system?

    • You can measure your distance travelled in either Miles (Imperial) or Kilometers (Metric) very easily by changing your preferences in your personal profile settings on the website.

    • Are there any sensors that don’t work with Raptor?

    • Not as far as we know. If you are having trouble connecting to one of your sensors, please let us know by contacting us at and we will look into it immediately.

    • Are there any tips for connecting my sensors?

    • To help you to configure your sensors, we advise following the setup process in a quiet environment away from other people’s sensors. 1) Make sure sensors are active. 2) If you have a dual sensor (ANT+ & BLE) you will see 2 sensors available for connection while configuring. You can choose either, be advised that Bluetooth can only be connected to one device at a time (i.e. a heart rate monitor that is only Bluetooth enabled can be connected to Raptor or to your phone, but not to both at the same time). 3) ANT+ sensors will appear as a number while attempting to configure and Bluetooth will appear as the name of your sensor.

    • How can I keep my Bluetooth sensor connected to my phone or bike computer and to Raptor at the same time?

    • Bluetooth connectivity is only capable of connecting to one device at a time. 

    • Why can’t I see the changes I made on the Everysight App or on my Raptor?

    • If you are having trouble receiving your changes, simply open up the Everysight App and make sure that you are connected to your Raptor. Click on the ‘more’ button in the bottom left hand corner of the app and tap on ‘Sync user profile with Raptor” **On Android, open the ‘more’ menu on the Everysight App, tap on your User Name at the top and then tap on ‘Sync user profile with Raptor’

    • Connecting dual sided power meters (P1 Power Pedal or Assioma Dual)

    • You will want to connect to the ANT+ protocol of your dual power meter to get an accurate output:
      - To do this, enter the settings menu on Raptor and into sensors and devices.
      - If you have already connected to the power meter via Bluetooth (represented by a name) Go to your power meter and swipe up to disconnect from it.
      - Then, tap to enter the power meter.
      - You will see one configuration represented by only number as well as a connection with the sensor name in the display.
      - Choose the sensor with a number only (without any words). This is the ANT+ Protocol.