• Is there an App that goes along with Raptor? Do I need to download it?

    • There is a  free companion app that is available for Apple iOS version 10 & above or Android version 4.4 & above. You need the app to perform the initial pairing and can continue to use it for all of its great features.

    • What does the app do?
    • Using the Everysight App enables you to upload Routes or Workouts to your Raptor, transfer media like pictures and videos, adjust display settings, customize screen layout, and adjust a number of Raptor’s settings such as Camera settings, notification settings and more!
    • Can Raptor sync with Strava? Where do you upload metrics?
    • Absolutely! You can register for a account to have all of your metrics available to you post ride. Within your account, you can also easily connect to your Strava account and from that moment, your rides will be automatically synched with Strava.
    • Why can’t I view my past rides on Strava?
    • Rides sync automatically to Strava from the moment you link your account. Past rides cannot be retroactively posted to Strava via automation.
    • Why can’t I share my ride directly to Facebook?
    • At this time, you can easily share your pictures and videos directly to Facebook via the Everysight App. If you are connected to Strava, you can directly share your rides via your Strava account.
    • Is Raptor a standalone bike computer?
    • Raptor works independent of any bike computer and connects directly to any ANT+ or BLE enabled sensors, including: Speed, Cadence, Speed & Cadence, Power Meter and Heart Rate Monitor. Raptor also features onboard GPS and Glonass, a Camera for taking pictures or recording HD videos, enables you to listen to music without headphones and always keeps you connected by pairing to your phone and enables you to receive your notifications at any point.
    • Does Raptor connect to existing bike computers?
    • Raptor is  a standalone unit and connects directly to your sensors, eliminating the need to look down at your bike computer and enables you to keep your eyes on the road ahead.
    • Does Raptor connect directly to my sensors?
    • Yes, Raptor connects directly to any ANT+ or BLE sensors, including: Cadence, Speed, Speed & Cadence Sensors, Power meters, or Heart Rate Monitors.
    • Does Raptor support any languages other than English?
    • Raptor’s operating system and menus are currently only in English, however, if you receive a notification via text, e-mail, Facebook notifications in a different language, that language will remain intact and be displayed.
    • How can I upload a ride manually?

    • Plug your Raptor into the computer using the provided USB cable to upload the file manually.

      Mac Users - Before you attempt to transfer the ride file from your Raptor to your Mac, you must first install a free app called Android File Transfer.
      This app lets you transfer files to and from your Raptor (which runs on the Android mobile operating system). You can find the Android File Transfer app here:

      Open your Raptor with your File Explorer or Android File Transfer
      Go into the Rides folder
      Take the Ride zip file with the desired date and save it to your computer.
      Click here to upload the ride and choose the +Add a Ride button to upload your ride.