Settings on Raptor


Within the Settings menu on Raptor you will be able to see if an update is available for your Raptor, Calibrate your Compass, Check GPS and WiFi settings, Bluetooth Settings, As well as additional information about your specific Raptor. and more.


Sensors and Devices

Sensors and Devices

To pair your sensors and devices, you will need to enter the menu shown below to access and configure your ANT+ or Bluetooth enabled sensors as well as the Everysight controller.



Update Raptor

Update Raptor

If an update is available, you will be notified via the Everysight App once your Raptor is connected to your smartphone. You can manually perform an update by navigating to Update Raptor within the settings menu. If the below icon appears as shown, you can tap on the icon to begin the wireless download. The full instructions can be found here.


Use the Everysight App to connect to the WiFi and tap to begin the download.


Once connected, Raptor will begin downloading the software update. This may take some time and goes fastest if Raptor is near to your router.


Once the download is complete, simply follow the instructions on the Raptor display to install the update.

The full procedure for updating Raptor can be found, here.



The below icons indicate whether or not WiFi is active and once inside the menu, will tell you which networks are available. WiFi connections should be made via the Everysight App. If you wish to turn WiFi off on your Raptor, simply swipe up on the WiFi icon

**Currently, there is no need to connect to your WiFi network until there is a software update available as long as you are on version 12 of the software or newer. Once the next version of software becomes available, the app will allow you to connect to your wireless network in order to download the latest version of the Raptor software.


Remove/Change Phone Settings

Remove/Change Phone Settings

If you have switched to a new phone or would like to transfer your Raptor to another phone for any reason, proceed to the below icon and swipe up to disconnect from Raptor:


Or, tap to select the Mobile phone and choose reconfigure:


Reset Raptor

Reset Raptor

In this section of the menu, Raptor can be restored to factory settings, reconfigure the bluetooth settings, and delete your current ride data.


To reset your Raptor to factory settings, delete all pairings, photos, videos, maps, music and ride data. Swipe to the below button and tap to perform a factory reset:

**Warning - This will restore Raptor to the original version of the software. To update to the latest software after performing a factory reset, click here.


To reset your Raptor Bluetooth settings and remove your smartphone, tap to select the following icon:


In the case that your Raptor is unable to end your ride, you will have to discard the current ride. To do so, tap to select the following icon:

**Warning: You will lose your ride data from this ride. Unfortunately, if your ride is stuck, this is the only way of being able to utilize Raptor again.


As always, you can leave this menu by Swiping down or by tapping to select the following icon:



About Raptor

About Raptor

In the 'About Raptor' Section, you can get information such as the software version, the serial number of your glasses, the FCC-ID as well as restart the gesture tutorial on Raptor.


GPS Settings

GPS Settings




**Note: Make sure that you are outdoors while attempting to search for the GPS as a signal will not be available indoors. If GPS is from Raptor, it may take up to four minutes to locate the satellites upon starting  Raptor. The GPS satellites will have an easier time locking on if you are standing still. 

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings menu contains the ability to enable and disable your CDA, adjust the display position on the Raptor, to enable the barometer data from your Raptor to receive elevation data, calibrate the onboard compass and to enable or disable the proximity sensor.