Tips & Tricks



    • How do I use Auto Lap?
    • Auto Lap on Raptor is location based. You can take a lap, then ride back over that geographical point while heading in the same direction, and Raptor will know to perform a new lap.
    • How do I get the best quality pictures and videos from the camera?

    • Use 'Normal' quality photos (as opposed to 13.2MP) while riding/in motion

      Try to avoid looking directly into the sun or at particularly bright/reflective surfaces

      Try to maintain focus on one area 

      The focal area of Raptor's camera begins at 1 meter (3 ft.), try to avoid taking photos of near objects

      Lower lighting such as night conditions may produce poor quality photos. Day time, overcast, sunrise or sunset should produce high quality photos

      While moving, try to stay looking ahead and not to the side to avoid blur

      The crop mode (road or MTB) is according to your riding position. Choose the "Road" option if your head position is lower on a mountain bike

      Remember that if you are standing and taking pictures or videos, the camera is pointing slightly higher than the natural horizon

    • How do I get the most out of my Raptor's battery life?

    • The Raptor battery can last up to 8 hours. These are the tips on how to get the most possible life from your Raptor: 

      Use GPS from your phone as opposed to the onboard GPS

      Photos and videos are one of the largest uses of battery life. The higher quality photos or videos, the greater drain on the battery (Advanced Camera Settings)

      The music player also uses a large amount of power. The louder the music, the faster the drain on the battery

      If riding with the map open, consider riding without the map to conserve battery life. If you are in navigation mode, the smart arc may be sufficient enough for giving you directions

      Quality of pictures or videos: The higher quality photos or videos, the greater drain on the battery

      Turn the display off while continuing to record your ride data by either pressing the physical power button briefly or by using voice commands

      Dimming the display brightness either with voice commands or the long press on the touchpad to open the active apps and choose 'brightness’

      You can always charge while you are riding with a standard portable charger to ride above and beyond 8 hours 

    • Troubleshooting GPS issues

    • There are a number of potential reasons as to why you may not be receiving GPS signal. To check, follow the below instructions:

      Be outdoors while attempting to use the GPS as a signal will not be available indoors. It may take up to four minutes to locate the satellites upon starting your Raptor. GPS will be located faster while standing still.

      Your Raptor automatically searches for GPS, and defaults to the phone GPS when Raptor is connected to your phone. If you want to manually select the source from which you are receiving GPS data (from your phone or from Raptor’s onboard GPS), click this link.


      If your phone has a power saving mode on, this may interfere with your phones ability to transmit GPS data to other devices such as Raptor. Please ensure that you do not have a power saving mode enabled to prevent this issue. 

      Android users:  If you see “Optimized for Battery” on the Everysight app, tap on “Optimized for Battery” and choose “Allow” to stop the optimization and enable the app to transmit GPS data.