Performance Zones


Performance Zones

Performance Zones

Set up your Performance Zones and keep track of your goals with color-coded metrics!

So, how does it work!?

If you don’t set up your performance zones, all of your metrics will always appear in green. Once you set your FTP and max HR on the performance section on the website and checked the box in your training settings, Raptor will color your max values, averages, and so on. After setting this up and while riding, you enter zones 4 or zone 5, you will see the colors of your metrics change to orange (Zone 4) or red (Zone 5).

When in a workout mode, our focus is to help you get the workout exactly as you planned it!

So even if you don't have your FTP and Max HR set on the website - we will color code the relevant values to the workout type you picked: the lap average, the max value and so on. The remainder of your metrics will remain colored in green.

If you did enter in your FTP and Max Heart Rate and are in a workout, the relevant colors will be based on the type of workout and the workout color coding logic - Orange if you're under performing, Green if you're in the zone, and Red if you're over performing. As explained before, that logic applies to the data fields through all the screens, and the color will be set according to your workout goals and tolerance.

In a power-based workout, the data fields that are a part of the workout- lap power, max power, average power and so on- all of these will be color coded based on the workout color coding logic.

What will happen to heart rate data fields in a power based workout?

If you have your Max HR set on the website, we will color code the rest of the parameters according to your zones.

And vice versa…

For example- if you choose a power workout, and your goal is 500 Watts with 10% tolerance- as long as you're between 450-550 watts, all your power fields will be green (you're within the desired zones). If you're under or over performing they will be colored orange or red, respectively.

Additionally, if you've set the Max HR on the website, when you're working hard and get to your zone 4/5- HR fields will be colored too- even if your workout is power based.


Training Settings

Training Settings

When in a workout, a training arc can be displayed to indicate your effort in relationship to your workout goals. On the Training Settings page of, you can adjust the training arc to adjust your tolerence settings. You can also enable or disable Text, Audio and Voice alerts as well as choose to color code your workout metrics relative to your training arc.