Connect to AeroPod - CdA


Raptor is now capable of displaying your data from your AeroPod by VeloComp and is can measure your CdA.

Prior to pairing AeroPod to Raptor, AeroPod MUST first be paired to your speed/cadence/DFPM sensors. Please consult the instructions provided with your AeroPod

In addition, before any meaningful CdA data can be presented, AeroPod must be calibrated! Please follow the instructions provided with your AeroPod to perform the calibration.

In order to see your CdA, follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your Raptor
  2. Enter the ‘advanced’ menu
  3. Activate CdA from the 'Advanced' menu in settings by tapping once.
  4. Go back to 'Settings' on your Raptor
  5. Enter the 'Sensors and devices' menu,
  6. Swipe to CdA and tap to scan for sensors.
  7. Pair your Aeropod.
  8. A new screen will be added to the ride screens with all CdA data fields and power (3 seconds average). This screen cannot be edited and has the same layout (upper/ lower) as last viewed screen.


The display output should look similar to the below picture: