Advanced Settings


The Advanced Settings menu contains the ability to enable and disable your CDA, adjust the display position on the Raptor, to enable the barometer data from your Raptor to receive elevation data, calibrate the onboard compass and to enable or disable the proximity sensor.


Enable/Disable the CdA

Enable/Disable the CdA

Raptor is now capable of displaying your data from your AeroPod by VeloComp and is can measure your CdA. Simply tap on the below icon to enable or disable the CdA function.


Adjust the display position using the onboard touchpad

Adjust the display position using the onboard touchpad

The display on Raptor can be adjusted via the mobile app or directly from Raptor. In order to adjust the display position on Raptor by using the onboard touchpad, tap on the screen adjust option.


Once you are in the menu, you can make adjustments Left or Right:

black-79.jpg  > black-81.jpg

Up or Down:

black-78.jpg  > black-81.jpg

Or by zooming In or Out:

black-77.jpg  > black-81.jpg

In each screen, you will see the following display in order to help you to adjust your display position:


To exit the menu, tap on the below:


Barometer Data Source (Gradient)

Barometer Data Source (Gradient/Slope)

To ensure that you are receiving data to display changes in your elevation, i.e. your gradient, make sure that your Barometer is set to "Barometer from glasses" as shown below:


*This applies to version 21 or newer of the Raptor software.


Calibrate Compass

Calibrate Compass

If you feel that your compass has come out of calibration or have been asked to perform this procedure by a customer success representative, this guide will help you to successfully calibrate Raptor's compass. Please Remember: Make sure you are outdoors and connected to GPS. 


Tap to enter the calibration, then tap again once you are ready to perform the calibration. Follow the instructions on your Raptor display to complete the calibration.

Enable/Disable the proximity sensor 

Enable/Disable the proximity sensor

In order to maintain maximum battery life and longevity of Raptor, there is a proximity sensor that is used to detect while Raptor is being worn. While the proximity sensor is enabled and you remove Raptor from your face, the display will turn itself off to conserve battery life and to prevent any potential issues with the display.

**We highly recommend leaving the proximity sensor as 'Proximity on'